Comic 12 - Chapter 1: Page 12
16th Jul 2011, 2:20 AM in Genesis
Chapter 1: Page 12
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bobcat303 edit delete reply
lol you changedx it from the Bible :)
still rated it a 5
ep1 edit delete reply
Let's just say, I have my own interpretation of the Bible. XD
Shannon edit delete reply
I don't think it's that far off from the Bible. After all, Adam and Eve's perception changed when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge. I just assumed they did that off-screen.
ep1 edit delete reply
Did that off-screen? XDDD

Well, everyone has their own interpretation of the Tree of Knowledge. Some say it's a physical thing, some say it's a symbol of spirituality. Whatever the case it may be, we do know the story originates from the Jewish Torah. ^^