Comic 14 - Chapter 1: Page 14
16th Jul 2011, 2:21 AM in Genesis
Chapter 1: Page 14
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ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
The darkest days of peoples' lives are when they hold no belief in god whatsoever. (Rather, the rejection of God. Neither believing nor disbelieving God is okay, but rejecting the existence of a higher power, not so much.)

It might seem a bit preachy, but it's true. People I've seen not believing in god have often had miserable lives, and people I've seen believing in God have often held happier, richer, fuller lives. Myself included.

Life's a little less depressing when you have a little God in your life. Doesn't have to be God as defined in any religion, doesn't even have to be a singular God. (Having multiple gods in your life is fine.) But no belief in any higher power at all? It's just so sad.
ep1 edit delete reply
I wouldn't say all believers are happier or all non-believers are not happy. I have seen non-believers feeling happy when they are no longer chained by what they consider as stifling traditions or dogmas. I have also seen believers who are unhappy too. It all boils down to the kind of background and religion they come from.

As long as the believers are under the right/positive beliefs/mindset, they will definitely worry less about their future.
the_quiller edit delete reply
This page makes me really sad. The thought that there's a patient, all-loving Father who's always there to listen, but we never stop to talk to him anymore, is pretty heart-wrenching.

That being said, excellent work!
ep1 edit delete reply
That is why prayer acts as an important form of communication to God. Without prayer, there would be no communication. ;)

And thanks for dropping by to read. :D