Comic 143 - Chapter 7: Page 6
6th Apr 2019, 3:27 PM in Separated
Chapter 7: Page 6
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Author Notes:
ep1 edit delete
I'm done with the donation comic for a magazine so I'm back updating this comic.

I'll announce to everyone where you can purchase it online.
User comments:
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Uh oh...I wonder what the letter was about?

But either way, scamming your neighbors out of money is NOT the way to solve your problems.
ep1 edit delete reply
It's all too common to see people scamming for money. Mostly through greed or desperation, unfortunately.
JasonDeroga edit delete reply
I'm with KarToon12. This man has a real problem. No wonder Cain doesn't like him.
ep1 edit delete reply
Yup, he's too blind to see his despicable ways.