Comic 19 - Chapter 2: Page 3
19th Jul 2011, 5:56 AM in Innocence
Chapter 2: Page 3
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Author Notes:
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Nudity! Wait, don't close the browser! This isn't a sex comic!
User comments:
Linden edit delete reply
I'm going to subscribe.

BUT! If you stop updating like you stopped updating Never Lasting Love, I'll find you. D:<
ep1 edit delete reply
*shrivels into a small lump of ball*
Eep! Dun kill me!
lobotomistman edit delete reply
I like this. I do.

ep1 edit delete reply
Thanks. You meant the nudity? |D
ArtistXXY edit delete reply
Ah, I see you have improved..? (The past few pages were easier to read and the screentone car counts as background...)