Comic 30 - Chapter 2: Page 12
15th Jul 2014, 4:38 PM in Innocence
Chapter 2: Page 12
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There is another theory that says matter is 99.999999% empty space because the atom is 99.999999% empty space (some say it's not really empty but consists of fluctuating "fields"). So, our physical body virtually doesn't exist.
User comments:
KarToon12 edit delete reply
I'm glad this comic is back again! And it gets more interesting with each page. :)
ep1 edit delete reply
This calls for a celebration? :)
JasonDeroga edit delete reply
Last panel...

Aw, look at those cute li'l tykes! Man, I am enjoying this!
ep1 edit delete reply
Haha, actually I enjoy drawing the two cute babies on this page. XD
Stever edit delete reply
Oh, those babies are SOO cute!
ep1 edit delete reply
Thank you. :D
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
This is also more or less my own take on things. I'm not an absolute believer in an afterlife (though I certainly hope there is one!), but if there is, then I'd envision our world much like this. We get to experience life in our world, but we get to experience another life in the next that is just as good if not better.

(I imagine that souls in the afterlife if they work the way I'd understand them to in this comic effectively serve like the internet does to us: instant ability to share with each other and stay connected, while being a separate entity.)
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That's surprising. I do plan to write about how the afterlife is like the internet.

Surely, you have actually read my script, haven't you? :0
defo18 edit delete reply
So that's how heaven works
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Pretty much. :p
BradenR.Huggins edit delete reply
Just discovered this comic for the first time. Cool art style! I gotta read the whole thing!

Also, I think its been proven that matter is mostly empty space. You should look into Quantum Physics, its hilariously insane XD
ep1 edit delete reply
Thanks for the compliments. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Yeah, Quantum Physics is pretty mind boggling subject. It's like reading science fiction yet it's actually scientifically true.
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
Sort of the whole "we are spiritual beings having a material existence" vibe here.

And reading how people who claim to not have any specific belief in God are responding to this is fascinating.

Myself? I ascribe to the Baha'i Faith & nothing that you have said could be considered counter to those tenets.
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I've heard of the Baha'i faith but I certainly don't really know anything about Baha'i Faith. It's interesting to know that the Baha'i Faith share some Eastern philosophy. Yep, the concept of this comic is mostly inspired by Eastern philosophy.
Bahá'í child (Guest) edit delete reply
Well you seem like someone who might be interested in it. I think you could be interested by our "search for the truth as you see it" approach, you seem to have been doing that already.
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Yeah, I suppose you could say that. When I have time, I will do a bit of research about Baha'i Faith. I sure love to learn the backgrounds about different types of religions. :)
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
I will give you (and any interested readers) a head start.

You're welcome.