Comic 33 - Chapter 2: Page 15
10th Aug 2014, 1:00 PM in Innocence
Chapter 2: Page 15
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Author Notes:
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Reports have shown that China has opened up to religion and economy. Although it may be under governmental control but it certainly is spreading fast.
User comments:
VanEzzania edit delete reply
Yeah, I heard recently that religion is getting big in China again. I was kind of surprised when I heard it, given China's relationship with religion in the past (especially during the Cultural Revolution)
ep1 edit delete reply
It sure is getting big but some religious activities are performed underground especially if the Chinese government considers it as a "cult". In general, only registered members approved by the government are allowed to practice religious activities.
defo18 edit delete reply
I glad you focus on positive stuff in your work
unlike CNN who shows u only bad things
ep1 edit delete reply
Haha, news these days are so politically bias. What happen to the balanced news of the old days? Oh yeah, it's already been long gone.
Bahá'í kid (Guest) edit delete reply
So, does thing mean America is due for a time out soon? (I follow rules of "You can only make fun of the groups you're part of." So, I'm expecting to be brought down with my country.) I really think we need a reality check.
ep1 edit delete reply
It's possible that America is going on the downhill slop with the rich monopolizing the economy and the poor are left behind. Even freedom comes with a price tag now but that doesn't mean America will be doomed. Things can change if the general population of America makes the effort to change.
Kuri edit delete reply
This comic is so cute!! I just read through the whole archive :) I really like how you've portrayed God so far, he's so nice x'D
ep1 edit delete reply
Awww, thanks! Yeah, I seem to notice that I'm probably the only artist here who breaks the mold by portraying God as a non judgmental character.

Perhaps it's because I have a very different view on religion than most people. XD