Comic 34 - Chapter 2: Page 16
11th Aug 2014, 11:40 AM in Innocence
Chapter 2: Page 16
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Author Notes:
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2nd update to compensate my lack of updates :)
User comments:
defo18 edit delete reply
Powerful stuff
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Glad you like it. ^^
Sk3wba edit delete reply
Wow holy holy! Your art looks professional! Subscribed!
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Aww, shucks. I'm no pro but thanks for the sub!! I hope you enjoy reading it. ^-^
JasonDeroga edit delete reply
God has a really good point.
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Yeah and I do hope people will learn to let go and love one another someday.
ranger_brianna_new edit delete reply
This hits home really, really well.
I really don't think you can get a more accurate description, in fact.

It's dead on the money.
That's exactly the problem with wars. No additional words need be said.
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Of course, let's not forget about extreme ideology. It's kind of disturbing to know that people would sacrifice their lives to fight, believing that this is an act of righteousness. So, so very wrong.