Comic 35 - Chapter 2: Page 17
17th Aug 2014, 9:37 AM in Innocence
Chapter 2: Page 17
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The parting sea miracle refers to the story about Moses who successfully led the Israelites escaped from Egypt by crossing the Red Sea on foot. Soon after, Moses then went on a tour to visit God in the mountain.

While Moses was away, the Israelites decided to make a holy cow to worship. They had assumed that the holy cow was the one who saved them. Kinda sucks for God to know that all the credits went to a cow after performing so much miracles for the Israelites. XD
User comments:
KarToon12 edit delete reply
This page is so sweet. God's a very patient guy. :)
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Well, considering that when he has an eternity, I pretty sure he has plenty of time. XD
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
I always figured that God is not a sideshow barker with amazing wonders happening for the entertainment of people. I've also seen, personally people respond to a potentially miraculous event as just blind luck or some sort of flim flam on somebody's part.

As for the supposed miraculous events predicted to accompany the coming Messiah (Pick your religious tradition they all have miraculous events predicted) I believe that if they were to physically manifest then a) some faith traditions would say that the wrong ones happened, so... b) if the Messiah fulfilled them all, yet spoke even one word different than what was said previously that a great many would deny Him. & c) God gave us the freedom of choice & all of those signs physically manifesting would be, in essence, God denying man that freely offered choice.

Not to mention an incredible case of Spiritual indigestion for a lot of people.
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
You (& some of your readers) also may find this comic to be illuminating in a different way:
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Interesting. I checked that comic out and it does give a pretty interesting ideas about creation.
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Well, everyone is entitled to choose what they want to believe or not to believe. Life is full of choices after all. Sometimes there might be conflicts in relationship. Whatever the reason everyone think of, I think building a loving relationship should be placed at higher priority even if one encounter conflicting opinions with friends or families.
Shannon edit delete reply
God has a point. People were even doubtful of Jesus's miracles, and with today's technology, people would be even more skeptical of magic.
Hence why I thank Him for every little thing He does. :)
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Well, it's human nature to be doubtful sometimes. This is why faith is important for those who believe. :)
Gizaku_The_Destroyer edit delete reply
I cry sometimes when I read this. Hearing God's truth and His abundant just really hits in the feels department knowing we serve such a Wonderful and Amazing God!