Comic 39 - Chapter 2: Page 20
14th Sep 2014, 9:05 AM in Innocence
Chapter 2: Page 20
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Author Notes:
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Not much to say about this page but it pretty much summarizes about God's power. I will be creating a fanart page soon. ^^
User comments:
rufiangel edit delete reply
Ah, so full of love <3 <3 <3 :D
That's right! Fuwa fuwa~
ep1 edit delete reply
Aww, thank you~ XD

God's such a loving character isn't he?
Jaidawg75 edit delete reply
This is a good comic. Very well drawn and the story is great. A very good interpretation of what I believe is reality. Kudos.
ep1 edit delete reply
Thanks! :D So happy to know that I've got a new reader!
defo18 edit delete reply
I wish I was her
ep1 edit delete reply
I'm sure you will get that kind of blessing one day. XD
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
Love me that I may love thee. If thou lovest me not my love may in no wise reach thee.

She had to feel a bit of love for God before any of God's love could be felt by her. & then it was like a great but gentle storm.
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Awww, how sweet!
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Wow...a burst of immeasurable love...<3
ep1 edit delete reply
Indeed. His source of power is like a huge wave of love. :D
Bahá'í kid (Guest) edit delete reply
From what I understand, what she feels is the same as (but exponentially stronger than) what a person will feel if they can obtain the presence of a manifestation, true prophet, messiah, Buddha, or spirit of Christ. Which ever name one chooses to call them.
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That is an interesting idea. Perhaps anyone who had spent a lot of dedication to be in state of oneness with God in mind and soul will indeed experience such power.