Comic 49 - Christmas 2014
26th Dec 2014, 3:47 AM in Fillers
Christmas 2014
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Author Notes:
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Sorry, another filler and a late Christmas strip. XD

So, what's God's opinion about Christmas? I'm sure He doesn't mind. As long as everyone celebrates with a sense of sharing the joy and love, He's all for it.
User comments:
defo18 edit delete reply
i already knew most of this
ep1 edit delete reply
Ah, you are quite informed.
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Neat facts there. :D I only knew about Number 3 on the list.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have a happy new year! ^^
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The more you know. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too~~
Bahá'í kid (Guest) edit delete reply
Awesome! I love the feeling around Christmas, and all my friends and I love trivia, so this was probably right up there with the best gifts I could have gotten! (Bahá'ís in general don't celebrate Christmas, but most of my family aren't Bahá'ís so Frith and I celebrate anyways. ^^)
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It's funny tho'. I thought your family are strict Bahá'ís. Christmas these days aren't really much of a religious holiday, so I'm not surprised the none Christians are also getting into the mood for Christmas.
Shannon edit delete reply
I knew about #1, but everything else was a surprise. I can't believe Santa was modeled after the nasty guy!
I heard that the legend of Santa came from Germany, where St. Nick would put money and candy in kid's shoes. So is that a misconception then?
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Well, Santa isn't really from Germany but it does have its origin that some say is influenced from Norse mythology. And yes, the original Saint Nick looks nothing like the "jolly old man".
JasonDeroga edit delete reply
Don't be ashamed of putting up a filler! With each page, filler or not, this comic helps me to not only look at things from another perspective, but to feel happy and grateful for the things I have =D
ep1 edit delete reply
Thanks! I'm glad to know that this comic helps give you an uplifting spirit. :D Hopefully, you get to inspire others with what you have learned.
Tubby (Guest) edit delete reply
Not surprised about number 5.
It is one of my major dislikes of christmas. It is not about God anymore just about spending lots of money.
Here in Australia most of the media hype is about shops hopeing to make alot of money at christmas.
Keep up the good work.
ep1 edit delete reply
Thank you. Although Christmas isn't what it used to be, what really matters most is to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. :)