Comic 54 - Chapter 3: Page 10
15th Feb 2015, 3:57 PM in Cain & Abel
Chapter 3: Page 10
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Took me a while to get this page done. I'm not really good at keeping scheduled update with all the things happening this week but not to worry, I'm not going hiatus.

I almost forgot to share this. I was surprised to find that someone create a theme song for my comic. Here's a link if you want to listen.

This site is loading too slow. I will respond to all your comments later. I promise!

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User comments:
Centcomm edit delete reply
She makes a awesome Angel - And we are here waiting - so take your time :D the pages look great !
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Oh, that makes me feel ashamed for being slow at updating. XD I'm so happy you're still reading this.
Bahá'í kid (Guest) edit delete reply
Why are all babies so cute? I can't bring myself to look away from them! Anyways, I, personally, believe that how Lorie senses God feeling in this strip is how God would feel about everyone. Young or old. There is a line from a pray, one that I happen to particularly enjoy, meant to be said by or for anyone below the age of twenty. "I am a child of tender years," to me, this makes it seem as though all of us humans, no matter our age, are still God's children. As I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong) to be in one's tender years, is similar to the infantile stage. So, if that is true, and we're "of tender years" until we're twenty, when do we stop being children?
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I would say you only stop being a child when you decide to. If you believe that God is an eternal being, then a hundred-year-old is merely a infant to Him. XD