Comic 56 - Chapter 3: Page 12
10th Mar 2015, 3:47 PM in Cain & Abel
Chapter 3: Page 12
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Author Notes:
ep1 edit delete
This is the only page in the entire comic with no dialog. :D

I wonder if the admin of this site is ever going to fix the loading speed. D:
User comments:
JustNoPoint edit delete reply
I've never had issues with the loading speed myself.
As for the page the images speak volumes without text! :) Love it!
ep1 edit delete reply
Ah, it must've been my modem connection settings. I think I need to figure out how to configure it properly.

Thanks, I'm glad you love this page. :D
Tubby (Guest) edit delete reply
Are you talking about you uploading to the site because the page loads fast for me and my sever is concidered slow.
Anyway keep up the good work.
ep1 edit delete reply
Thank you! Hmm... I think you're right. I used another server connection and it's working fine. Weird.
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Aww, this is so sweet, especially that first panel. ^^
ep1 edit delete reply
Thanks~ :D
JasonDeroga edit delete reply
How nice! Is this a praying session? It fits that there is no dialogue here =)
ep1 edit delete reply
Yes, it's a praying session. I doubt anyone would be interested in reading prayers written in comic. Haha.