Comic 59 - Chapter 3: Page 15
26th May 2015, 4:36 PM in Cain & Abel
Chapter 3: Page 15
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Author Notes:
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I need to rest first, will comment later.
User comments:
JasonDeroga edit delete reply
Domestic violence is NEVER a good thing. Did our young one see Lorie? Or is it a sort of "sense" that he has?

Rest is good for the artistic soul. =)
ep1 edit delete reply
He definitely saw her. Else he wouldn't just stare at her and then look for her again. :D
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
If he can see her, can he hear her? Will he think that he now has a guardian angel? How will this affect his further spiritual development.

& that man, whether or not the father, may the Lord bless him, and keep him far, far away.
ep1 edit delete reply
He can see her, not so much about hearing her voice. He certainly wouldn't recognize her being his guardian angel yet. Perhaps, he will. Who knows? ;)
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Oh wonder Cain was so damaged when we first met him. D:
ep1 edit delete reply
All due to the unfortunate circumstances he was in but God hasn't given up on him yet. :D