Comic 74 - Chapter 4: Page 7
9th Nov 2015, 4:34 PM in Voiceless
Chapter 4: Page 7
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Author Notes:
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Wishing all the Hindu folks Happy Diwali.

P.s. My new avatar is meant as a joke
User comments:
Tantz Aerine edit delete reply
Tantz Aerine
No pressure. :P
ep1 edit delete reply
Indeed. ;p
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
One can only wonder exactly who the helper is. Anyone taking bets?
Bahá'í kid (Guest) edit delete reply
Micheal the Angel? Abel? (Spelling?)
Slipping in a manifestation would be cool.
ep1 edit delete reply
Manifestation? That sounds interesting. :P
ep1 edit delete reply
The helper is on the upcoming pages. :)
JasonDeroga edit delete reply
Such a tearjerker, who does Cain have to look up to now?
ep1 edit delete reply
Things may be sad now. That's why Lorie is there for him.
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Hmm...gotta' wonder who or what the helper is going to be. Can't wait to see.

Don't worry Lorie; I know you can do it!
ep1 edit delete reply
Lorie is a smart girl, I'm sure she'll know what to do. ^^
NiaNook edit delete reply
Dang, the 3rd panel is so powerful. :'c