Here be the fanarts for God's Revelation


Cute looking God by Van Husk who did the quirky webcomic Random Things for Random Beings



Lorie and Black Pearl for the Autumn Exchange by the talented 3D artist CentComm who did Datachasers and Luna Star



God and Batty for the Halloween Exchange by Stever who created the webcomic Batty



Winking God by Ninabird who did a fascinating webcomic called Shifting Land


The Watchmaker, an impressive drawing by darkredmaplesword from DA


A creative animated pic of The Universe Creator by DaMoreFishy


Sweet quick sketch of Lorie by ShiroKuro


Awesome imagining of God being a Deadly Sin character by azureXtwilight


A sweet sketch of Lorie and God by MoonLotus-Hime


Another sweet imagining of Lorie as a guy by azureXtwilight


A beautiful angelic drawing of Lorie by SoulFury.  The speed drawn video of this image is here.


Drawing of God, wonderfully and adorably made by Memoria Caelestie


A wonderful Christmas exchange by MST3KFan


A quick sketch of Lorie by argylefox!


Another quick sketch of Lorie by VeniceLatte!


Yet another quick sketch of God, Lorie and Cain by I1like1pie


A great Valentine exchange by gideonland


Sweet adorable Lorie by Sovember